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Brett Dailey MS, ATC/L, LMT, CES, PES

Brett is a Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer, as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist, and has been working actively in the profession for 20 plus years. He strongly believes that with effective massage techniques, comprehensive training, and appropriate conditioning, the severity of injuries can be reduced, and recovery time for athletes can be significantly shorter. Brett has worked with athletes and people of ages and abilities, ranging from children to seniors and from recreational to professional athletes.

As a certified athletic trainer, Brett also has earned specializations in corrective exercise and performance enhancement. He’s had the unique opportunity to support a variety of teams at multiple levels of competition as well as work for IMG Academy in Florida, which is one of the most elite sports performance academies in the country.  Brett has worked closely with strength and conditioning coaches to help develop individualized programs for injury prevention for high profile high school, college, and professional athletes. As head athletic trainer for a Division II college, his role revolved around event coverage, injury evaluation, and rehabilitation.  Brett has also worked in physical therapy clinics focusing on injury rehabilitation and therapeutic, corrective exercise.

As a therapeutic massage specialist, Brett uses trigger point massage and dry needling as key strategies to improve performance, correct imbalances, and help address chronic issues often caused by overtraining and repetitive use, poor technique, and stress. As a therapist specializing in sports-related massage, in addition to owning and operating Dailey Sports Care, Brett has worked in athletic clubs and for chiropractors incorporating his training and techniques to address a variety of patient needs.   
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